P.A.W.S. for the Cause

Health of your Rescue Dog

Pound Animals Worth Saving is dedicated to the health of the dogs in our care.



P.A.W.S.'s mission is to find every dog and cat a secure, loving, lifetime home..



We are looking for fosters! We provide all food, blankets, medicine, cage if needed, etc. We will lend you everything to care for our foster dog! We just need loving foster homes!

Foster homes help us save more homeless dogs! By opening your home for a short time, many more animals can be saved, since they just need a short term place to stay before finding permanent loving homes. Most get adopted in under a month. Our rescue covers all expenses, including vet care and food. All you need to do is give them a place to stay and some love and attention!

Fostering not only saves that dog's life, but allows us the space and resources to go save another from the shelter or from a neglectful home. Please consider opening your hearts and homes, for it will have a direct impact on saving more lives.

Fostering is very rewarding, and as you get into the swing of it and see the loving homes that come along for them, it is easier to "let go" and do it again for the next. Once you see and understand the great need for foster homes, it becomes easier and greatly rewarding.

Call immediately for more info on how to save a life!

Karen Mikus



P.A.W.S. Foster Agreement - MS Word

Foster to Adopt Addendum / Pre-Sterilization Addendum - PDF